The Electoral Hub (E-Hub), a project of the Initiative for Research, Innovation and Advocacy in Development (IRIAD). It is a multidisciplinary strategic think-tank aimed at strengthening electoral governance and accountability in Nigeria through the provision of data, critical and contextualized analysis as well as provide solutions to improve the credibility and integrity of the electoral process through an interdisciplinary lens. E-Hub is conceptualized to complement the roles and activities of the different institutions, stakeholders and drivers of the electoral process and governance by providing back-end support service to stakeholders and institutions of the electoral process.

We also seek to curate electoral knowledge and serve as data bank of electoral records and analysis to all electoral stakeholders and citizens at large. A key focus of our work will be on emphasizing the role of the different stakeholders and their responsibilities in ensuring quality electoral process and elections towards promoting collaborations and partnerships. Thus, fostering better understanding about the process as well as showing collective responsibility of electoral stakeholders in ensuring electoral success. E-Hub is also targeted at developing intellectual capacity, as well as growing civic and electoral knowledge among young Nigerians.

Strengthen electoral governance and accountability in Nigeria through improving the integrity of the electoral process and electoral governance architecture.


An electoral knowledge and innovation one-stop-shop for sustainable democracy

Knowledge-exchange, Inclusion, Justice, Equity, Transparency and Accountability

Our Approach

  • Comparative research
  • Contextual socio-political analysis
  • Monitoring and impact assessment of stakeholders’ activities and interventions
  • Technical briefs and expert’s advisories
  • High level (impact) advocacy